3 Expert Tips on Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Choosing the right web hosting provider is just as important as creating a responsive site with quality content. We say this because, in the long run, your chosen hosting service will determine site speed, security, and support. Plus, you need a hosting provider that allows scalability and has the resilience to handle sudden web traffic spikes.

With the overwhelming number of web hosting providers in the market and several hosting services to choose from, how do you know which hosting provider is right?

We’ve rounded up some important factors that you need to consider when choosing a web hosting provider.

1.Evaluate And Understand The Type Of Hosting You Need
Before you start looking for hosting providers with the best packages, think about your online business’ requirements.
Let’s look at the different web hosting types so that you get a better idea:
Shared Hosting:
A traditional form of hosting where multiple sites are hosted on the same server. Sites share resources like the CPU, storage space, bandwidth, etc. This is usually the most practical and economical option.

Ideal for: small businesses, informational sites, blogging sites, startups

Dedicated Hosting:
Dedicated hosting gives websites dedicated server space so that they don’t fall short on server resources.
Ideal for: top performing sites, websites with heavy traffic

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting
This is the middle ground between dedicated and shared hosting. In VPS hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single server, but every site gets dedicated resources. So, while you’re still sharing a server, you have increased control and storage space.

Ideal for: high-traffic sites that have outgrown space offered in shared hosting

WordPress Hosting
For sites built on WordPress, providers that offer managed WordPress hosting services take care of all server-level and application-level features, including security, backups, updates, etc.

Ideal for: e-commerce sites and websites using WordPress

2.Estimate The Amount Of Traffic You Expect
Hosting package charges depend on your bandwidth and storage use. If you have a niche business with a few loyal customers, you’re good with low bandwidth packages. However, if you’re on the top ranks in Google search, you can expect your bandwidth requirements to surge.
This brings us to another consideration: factoring in scalability. If you plan to take your business global, look for a hosting provider that offers cloud hosting or dedicated hosting packages.

3.Do They Offer Quality Customer Support?
Customer support can be a deciding factor when choosing a web hosting provider. Compare the customer support services of each provider to pick one that meets your business needs. There’s nothing worse than being transferred from one customer representative to another while your website is down!

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