Does Web Hosting Affect My SEO Ranking?

There are a lot of new(er) updates to get excited about like featured snippets and voice search, but amidst all the noise, there’s one important SEO requirement that often goes overlooked: web hosting. The web hosting service you opt for impacts your site’s page speed and uptime—two elements that are essential for maintaining a good user experience and positive organic performance. The extent of the impact depends on the overall traffic levels and the size of your site.

So, does hosting affect SEO? Yes!

Let’s further explore how a poor web host can affect your site’s SEO rankings:

Server downtime

The first sign of an unreliable web host is frequent server downtime.

Downtime refers to the percentage of time your site is inaccessible and offline as a result of server problems. When users visit your site only to discover that it’s down, they’ll simply ditch your site and move on to the next valuable source, risking your SERP rankings in the process. After all, Google detests unreliable and glitchy websites, and the bounce rate will directly impact your website authority.

Therefore, to avoid downtimes, opt for a reliable host that offers uptime guarantees, such as Razor Hosting that guarantees 100% uptime along with ultra secure cloud hosting services.

Server Location

While uptime refers to whether your content is accessible to users, the location of your web server may indicate how quickly the content is accessible to them.

In a dedicated, VPS, or shared hosting plan, your site is hosted on a physical server within a data center somewhere. Ideally, it should be located in close proximity to the majority of your target audience.

The father your visitors are from the location of your server, the longer it will take to fetch the data, resulting in server latency.

Site speed

Google announced that page speed is an actual ranking factor. This means that the faster your site loads the better chances you have of ranking in search results. Of course, poor page loading time can result from a number of on-site technical factors like unoptimized images, too many HTTP calls, the absence of a Content Delivery Network (CDN), etc, but it’s important to mention here that opting for cheap shared hosting where several sites are crammed onto one server can seriously take a hit on your site speed.

Therefore, it’s time to invest in a premium web host that gives you the performance needed to satisfy both Google and your visitors.

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